How can I add a new table to an existing profile?

Adding a new table to an existing profile needs to begin with adding the table to the corresponding source connection. Once the table is successfully added to the source connection and re-crawled, it will appear in profile as a profile object to land and/or stage.

How can I add an existing stage table to A2B Data profile?

Adding an existing stage table with data follows similar instruction as if one would add a new table to an existing/new profile. However, below are the special instructions that one needs to follow carefully.

Make sure that the data in target table is in sync with source database (Only applicable if you are going to use Full Compare on Source or Attribute Max Value as the hash type) If there are other objects in the profile, those need to be unchecked during the initial run.

How can I delete an object in an existing profile and connection?

If an object is not needed in a profile, the delete process begins with un-selecting the object for Extraction. Once it is complete, a user can go into "Edit Connection" page of the profile's source connection in which the object exists and delete the object after selecting it. This completely removes the object from both Profile and Connection.

Please note that an object cannot be deleted in a connection, if it was marked for Extraction in any associated profile.

What is meaning of Unknown Status in Connections?

Unknown status indicates that either the metadata crawling status didn't happen successfully or encountered a fatal error. Please refer to db.log generated by services. For more information regarding db.log, please visit Installation Guide.